Keep Your Trees Growing Healthy and Strong

Set up tree fertilization services in Tuttle, Mustang or Oklahoma City, OK

If you want to keep your trees healthy, it's important to get them on a regular fertilization schedule. Tree fertilizers applied by TC3 Pest Free will encourage growth and support long life for your trees in Tuttle, OK and surrounding areas, including Oklahoma City and communities throughout Cleveland, McClain, Canadian and Grady counties. Tree fertilization will also keep the leaves looking greener. Call now for a free quote on fertilization services.

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How to tell if your trees need fertilization

You may have to look more closely at a tree to tell if it isn't getting enough nutrients. In the summer and spring, look at the color of the leaves. If they are dull and yellow rather than deep green, then your tree may need fertilizer. Your trees may also need tree fertilizer services if they don't appear to be growing from year to year. Schedule a tree fertilization appointment today.