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Then hire a tree spraying company to treat for pests. Our licensed and insured team will carefully apply pesticides so they won't trickle onto nearby plants or blow away in the breeze. We can provide alternative medicine depending on certain environmental factors.

Contact our tree spraying company based in Tuttle, OK today to learn more. We also service Oklahoma City, Cleveland, McClain, Canadian and Grady counties.

Take advantage of our trunk injection services in the Tuttle, Mustang & Oklahoma City, OK area. We service Oklahoma, Cleveland, McClain, Canadian and Grady counties as well.

Although healthy trees can withstand pests, it's not a bad idea to give your trees, ornamentals, and shrubs a hand. TC3 Pest Free of Tuttle, OK can provide tree injection services to keep pests at bay. We've got Mauget-certified applicators on our team, so you can be sure we know what we're doing.

Our trunk injection services are perfect for trees near nurseries and chicken coops, since sprayings can ward off...


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Above is an American Sycamore before and ten days after the sauce! Chris is a third generation(by teaching not birth)grey haired old tree man. Not classically, but rather practically trained in treating sick trees and maintaining wellness of healthy ones.