The Ultimate Guide to Grub Control in Oklahoma Lawns

For homeowners in the State of Oklahoma, a lawn serves as an amazing extension of their living area. A beautiful lawn amidst your house in Oklahoma can prove to be the ideal place for family gatherings, weekend barbecue parties, and even a platform to showcase your impeccable gardening skills!

However, that very picturesque green lawn can quickly turn into your worst nightmare as soon as it gets plagued by grubs. These little pests can make your luscious green lawn appear more like a battlefield after a war rather than a mini sanctuary.

Dry, brown patches in your lawn can be the first Signs of grub damage in your lawn. The grubs might have already attacked in large numbers, but worry not. This blog has got you covered! We are going to discuss what these sneaky little creatures are, what they do to your green lawns, and how you can control them. For greater instance, do consult the Effective grub control treatments in Oklahoma.

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What are these notorious “Grubs”?

Grubs, more specifically, lawn grubs or white grubs, are the larvae of various types of scarab beetles, like the Japanese beetles and the June bugs.

These little pests are usually white or cream and form a ‘C’ shape with their soft bodies. They have six legs located near their head.

These lawn grubs feast on the roots of different plants, turf grass, and other organic matter that is present in the soil. This leads to several sections of the lawn drying up and eventually dying. These pests are infamous for attracting skunks, raccoons, and rodents, which further dig into the soil, causing greater damage to your lawn.

Life-cycle of these lawn grubs

These scarab beetles have a life cycle of one year that reintroduces the existence of these grubs. In the spring, these grubs awaken from their winter sleep and begin feeding on the grassroots. After feeding, these grubs get transformed into pupae that are later converted into beetles in the upcoming summer.

These transformed beetles emerge from the ground and feed on flowers and other green matter. Then, they lay eggs in the lawn, which hatch into new grubs in the fall. As a result, new grubs are born, which feed on the grassroots, thereby starting the cycle of lawn destruction all over again.

If you’re living in the State of Oklahoma, then you must look for professional grub control near Norman, OK, to get rid of these headache-inducing pests.

Signs of grub damage

Although these sneaky little grubs live underneath the ground, there are some easy-to-spot hints above the ground as well, which are definite Signs of grub damage in your lawn. Some of these signs can be:

  • Brown patches of grass in your lawn

If your lawn has some distinct brown patches that never turn green, no matter how many times you water it or spray fertilizer on it, this can be a sure-shot sign of grub infestation. Try to lift a piece of your brown turf to check for grubs. If you can easily pull it up like a loose carpet, it certainly means that the grubs have eaten all of its roots.

  • Your lawn feels spongy every time you step on it

This is one of the definite signs of grub infestation that occurs even before the brown patches of grass. When the grubs have eaten all of the grassroots, your lawn tends to feel spongy every time you step on it. Lift a piece of the turf and inspect it for grubs by yourself. For professional assistance, you can contact a grub control near Moore, OK.

  • Skunks, rodents, raccoons, and birds are digging up your lawn- It is because these animals have found clear signs of grub presence in your lawn and are digging it up to enjoy a delicious meal!

Other possible Signs of grub damage in your lawn in the state of Oklahoma might include:

  • Wilting of the grasses in your lawn despite proper irrigation and watering, and
  • Large irregular patches of the lawn roll back like a loose carpet, thereby revealing the grubs underneath.

Environmental impact of grub infestation and how to prevent it?

You might feel that these grubs are only infesting and damaging your luscious green lawn, but in reality, the scope of their impact is extended to the entire environment.

These notorious pests are known to disrupt the natural balance of your lawn’s ecosystem and attract other bigger animals like raccoons and rodents that dig up the turf to feast on these sneaky little pests.

Moreover, recent research has concluded that grubs can also act as vectors for various plant diseases. This further endangers the health of your garden and lawn.

If you’re looking to prevent the accumulation of such pests, consult a professional grub control near Noble, OK.

How do we identify these lawn grubs?

Lawn grubs can be identified by their raster patterns. They have a unique arrangement of bristles and hairs on their abdominal section.

V-shaped raster pattern on Japanese beetle grubs. Accurate identification of these lawn grubs is the first key step when it comes to Effective grub control treatments in Oklahoma City.

This further enables grub control professionals to implement the most efficient treatment and control strategies.

Grub activity and how to identify grub mounds?

Grubs, when active, are going to turn your grass turf thin and brown. Large brown patches of grass are going to appear if the grub infestation hasn’t been tackled on time. The infestation and browning of grass can cover your entire lawn and have a massive environmental impact as well. In addition to that, June bugs that might be hovering around your home are a potential indicator of the presence of these pests.

As they dig down into the soil, grass grubs are known to form coarse mounds that may be clearly distinguished from the finer soil particles seen in ant mounds.

 These grubs can have a significant impact not only on your lawn but also on the entire environmental ecosystem. This is why it is important to consult a grub control near Purcell, OK, as early as possible.

Timing of the grub treatment

Treatments are required twice a year for efficient and effective grub control in the State of Oklahoma.

Optimal results have been observed previously when the grub infestations were targeted during their peak activity- first between 4/15-6/15 and then from 8/15-10/15.

This essentially aligns with their life cycle, thereby ensuring that the infestation gets treated when the grubs are closer to the surface.

Relying on a professional grub control near Newcastle, OK, ensures that the grubs get identified and treated on time. This enables you to preserve the lush green appearance of your lawn and protect the entire environment in general.

Why should you opt for a professional grub control service in the state of Oklahoma?

When it comes to grub control near Oklahoma City, you might be tempted to try various DIY methods, but it is important to consult professional grub control services for the following reasons:

  • Expert Identification

Professionals with years of expertise in this field can precisely identify the issues that are plaguing your lush green lawn, thereby assisting you in a timely and efficient grub control treatment.

  • Customized treatment plans

Every lawn is unique in its way. Hiring a professional grub control near Blanchard, OK, will tailor the treatment to the needs and requirements of your lawn.

  • Comprehensive service

Along with the essential grub control treatment, professionals also offer holistic pest control in Oklahoma City to ensure that your lawn stays pest-free in the long run.

What after a successful grub control treatment?

Even after a successful grub control treatment, your lawn will require tender, loving care to return to its initial lush green glory. When you consult a grub control near Yukon, OK, you don’t just get the service of grub elimination but also their future prevention and aftercare tips.

  • Soil rehabilitation

After a successful grub control treatment, it is essential to replenish the nutrients of the soil via the means of balanced fertilization.

  • Irrigation

Properly watering your lawn after getting a grub control treatment will ensure that your lawn recovers faster and becomes resistant to future infestations.

  • Reseeding and Resodding

The patches of grass that have already been damaged might need to be replaced completely to encourage new and fresher growth.

For more such tips, you should consult a professional grub control near Mustang, OK.

Controlling your grubs

Preventive measures for grub infestations can be quite a few in the state of Oklahoma.

Grub control is extremely vital if you’re having an infestation that has spread quite a lot. However, if you’re only concerned about a few grubs per square foot, it is not really that necessary.

After you’ve inspected your lawn for a potential grub infestation, use this guide to make sure whether you need to treat your lawn by consulting a grub control near El Reno, OK.

  • 0-5 grubs

No need for any grub control treatment. You’re good to go!

  • 6-9 grubs

If your lawn is healthy, there’s no need for any infestation control treatment unless animals, like raccoons, skunks, and rodents, are digging the soil to feed on these pests. If you find that your yard is less healthy, you should opt for a professional treatment.

  • 10+ grubs

This is likely going to cause visible damage to your yard, and it should be treated immediately.

Some of the Preventive measures for grub infestations include:

Introducing natural predators to your lawn

An excellent method for eliminating these cunning little pests in Oklahoma is the introduction of natural grub predators. Good examples include tiphiid wasps and nematode worms. You can easily attract these tiphiid wasps by planting fragrant flowers and herbs such as spearmint.

Nematode worms are quite frequently available in many local garden stores in and around the state of Oklahoma. When applied to the infested soil, these worms can work wonders to get rid of grubs.

Birds like Blue Jays, Robins, and Chickadees are known to love grubs and happily feast on them. Backyard chickens will also graze the lawn and pick up grubs. Adding bird feeders, birdhouses, and birdbaths around your yard is going to be beneficial in attracting several of these bird species and keeping your lawn’s grub infestation in check.

Applying lawn pesticides

If you’re looking for a grub control near Chickasha, OK, then applying pesticides to the grub-infested spots of your lawn can be an extremely efficient way of getting rid of them. Applying a preventive pesticide in the spring season and once again during the fall season is enough to take care of any existing grubs and the grubs that are hatching.

Every time you make use of a preventive pesticide, make sure to keep your lawn irrigated after application to ensure that the grass doesn’t get burned in hot outdoor temperatures. Water the pesticide-applied spots so that these useful chemicals can seep down into the soil.

Limiting moisture

Grubs need moisture to thrive, multiply, and survive. One of the best ways of decreasing their population is by creating an artificial drought.

Your lawn might go dormant but will once again recover and return to its glory days as soon as you start watering it again. Stop irritating your yard for a few weeks during June and July. This is going to kill their eggs and young grubs and reduce the overall infestation.

Other tips to ensure grub control near Tuttle, OK, include:

  • Using neem oil or Azadirachtin.
  • Make use of milky spore, which is easily available in your local garden store in and around Oklahoma City.
  • Making a grub killer with the use of borax, a common household cleaning ingredient.
  • Detaching and aerating your lawn to make it less attractive for grubs.

When it comes to conventional methods to reduce lawn grub infestation, there are primarily two chemicals:

  • Carbaryl

Which kills grubs after 10-14 days of application, and

  • Trichlorfon

Which kills grubs within 1-3 days of application.


If you think that you have a potential grub infestation in and around Oklahoma City, you should take care of it there and then to prevent any additional damage to your lush green lawn. DIY methods can seem to be quite attractive, but consulting professional grub control services is the best way to control these pests in the long run.

Contact us at Tc3 Pest Free Spray Service if you’re looking to curb a potential grub infestation in your lawn. We will provide you with comprehensive services like grub removal, maintenance and upkeep, and future prevention of other pests in your yard. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free service when it comes to professional grub eradication, contact us today.

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